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My Privacy Policy: Your Information and How I Use It

Table of Contents

 Collecting Personal Information

    • When you apply for insurance through me, I collect some personal details. These help me process your application smoothly.

Providing Quotes and Processing Applications 

    • I use your personal information to give you insurance quotes or process your application.

Sharing Information

    • Insurance Companies and Agents: If you apply for an insurance product I offer, I’ll share your info with the chosen insurance company.
    • Legal Obligations: If you apply through an associated insurance agent or agency, I’ll share info only for processing your quote or application.

Anonymous Information

    • I also collect anonymous data (stuff that doesn’t personally identify you). This helps me improve my services and tailor marketing efforts.
    • I might use “Cookies” or other codes to gather this info. (For more on cookies, keep reading!)

Keeping Your Info Safe

    • I take confidentiality seriously. My physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards protect your personal data.
    • If you need to update your contact info, just email me at [email protected].

Opting Out

    • You can choose not to receive satisfaction surveys or info about additional products and services.
    • Even if you opt out, I’ll still communicate about your insurance quote, application, or policy.


    • Cookies help me identify users and create customized web pages. When you visit my site, you might fill out a form with your name and interests. That info gets packaged into a cookie and stored in your web browser.
    • Next time you visit, your browser sends the cookie back to my server. That way, I can show you personalized content—like a welcome page with your name on it!

Browsers and Internet Security

    • When you apply through my website, I use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your data. SSL keeps your info safe as it travels over the internet.
    • Make sure you’re using an SSL-capable browser.

Password and Security Protocols

    • Your application password is like a secret key—it unlocks your application. Keep it private and don’t share it with anyone.
    • Different insurance companies have their own security rules, which override mine.

Links to Other Websites

    • I can’t control linked sites, so I’m not responsible for their content.
    • If you visit other websites, read their privacy policies—they might handle things differently.

California Consumer Privacy

    • If you’re a California resident, the CCPA gives you certain rights. I’ll tell you what info I collect and why.
    • For example, I use your info to provide quotes, underwrite insurance, and handle claims.

Got Questions?

    • If anything’s unclear, feel free to reach out! Email me at [email protected], and I’ll be happy to help. Remember, your privacy matters to me!

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