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About Thomas

I am here to help you understand all of your Medicare and health insurance options as your Health Insurance Agent.

Are you or a loved one having trouble navigating the Medicare system? Whether you’re currently on Medicare or are looking to transition to it in the next few years, the process can be frustrating and confusing.

I am here to help!

It’s important that our loved ones have proper Medicare and health insurance coverage. Having the right coverage can make a huge difference! It can mitigate having any unexpected high health care bills, and it can help ensure your loved ones can see the doctors and take the prescriptions they need.
As an independent licensed health insurance agent, I am very knowledgeable about how Medicare and Obamacare work. I will support you and your loved ones in navigating the system and in finding what you are you needing. I am here to help you with any Medicare or health insurance needs. I can provide you with a wealth of resources and guidance. Or if you’re helping a spouse or parents onto Medicare, I’ll be happy to guide your through that process.

Medicare Advantage Plans


Hospital Indemnity


Home Health Care

Critical Illness


Heart Attack/Stroke


Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Discount Prescription Drug Card

When you or your loved ones are trying to make changes to your health insurance or switching to Medicare, many questions can come up. You may be wondering…

  • When is my enrollment period?
  • Can I afford the monthly premium?
  • Does my doctor participate in the plan?
  • Are my prescriptions covered?
  • How much are co-pays and co-insurance?
  • Will I be covered when you travel? Is dental coverage included?
  • Can I help my loved one transition to Medicare?
  • How can I ensure that my loved one has the coverage they need?

…and more.

I can help you and your loved ones find the perfect health and dental plans to fit your needs.

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Give me a call for a free, no cost, no obligation Consultation today. I can assist you with Medicare Advantage Plans, Medigap Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Medicare Savings Accounts. I can also help you with Dental, Hospital, and Obamacare plans as well.

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What People Are Saying

For your Medicare needs, Mr. Tom Marchant cannot be beat. He is well informed and will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision in your Medicare needs.

He stays on top of all the latest Medicare information and the Medicare Insurance providers and their available options which can now benefit you. Tom is your best option for you Medicare needs!

Thank you, Mr. Marchant, for sharing all your knowledge with me as it will help me make excellent informed decisions. Your help through the years has been very beneficial to me.


Jerry B.

Thomas Marchant is great to do business with! He’s very kind, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him as your go to professional to help review all of your Medicare and health insurance needs.


Kirk P.

Tom is a very nice and friendly person whatever I ask him he always answer me. He treats me so nice he is a very very smart man I am very comfortable meeting with him.

Kwisuk H.

My wife and I are thankful to Thomas who has helped us on two different occasions. The first time he gave us advice on obtaining health insurance through Obamacare when we moved back to Hawaii.

The second time Thomas welcomed us into his home and took his time educating us on the intrinsic language of health insurance and what to to look out for when selecting a plan. Thomas is well versed in his profession as well as being a very pleasant person.

Mahalo Thomas!

Pat L.